Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Crazy Coil's

I absolutely ADORE this crazy wonderful family. Ohmygoodness I can't even begin to tell you or where to begin on where the adoration for this family begins. Let's just say the Mom/Grandma of the family is BEYOND AWESOME, and her daughter/aunt is WONDERFUL. To have had the oppurtunity to photograph this wonderful family was such a blessing. 

Enjoy the photos... and yes I know it's an over load of cuteness... what's a photographer to do?

The Coil Family

The Coil Family - Part 2




Grampa and his Grandson

Grandma's job is to spoil... 

Still in love 10 years later

The men

Mommy's Little Man

Mommy's Girls

Can you believe they are mother and daughter? I know I can't either they look like sisters. 

Thank you for looking...

Enjoy... :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Generations of Love

Some of my favorite pictures to do are family pictures. I especially love generation pictures. It's awesome when you can see three, four and even sometimes five generations together. It certainly speaks of the legacy for the family... 

This particular day I was lucky to have four generations! What a fun afternoon this was. 

We first started out at our local pumpkin patch... 

Nothing says happiness then a  4 year old at the pumpkin patch.
She was so focused on getting the right pumpkin. 

This little 'pumpkin' was just to cute. She is by far one of the happiest babies I have had the pleasure to get to know. 

We have big muscles!

This little girl is already starting to turn out to be a gorgeous looker like her mom. 

After the pumpkin patch we headed over to another beautiful local park. This is where the fun really began...

Four generations of absolute beauty

Three generations of strength.

It's a great day when your mom becomes your best friend.

Another beautiful generation on it's way to join the ranks!

Here is the couple that started this beautiful generation of strong women... 


I remember a conversation I had with this beautiful mom after she was newly married and her desire to have a child. I remember telling her to give it time, the babies will come and when they do she will excel at being a wondeful mom. No truer words were said. Her girls are truly two of the luckiest girls around to have this beautiful strong woman as their mom. 

These last few pictures are just to show how truly happy and wonderful her girls are. 

Thank you for looking...

Kristin :)

The holidays are fast approaching and I have a few openings left. Call me to get your pictures done. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Legacy of Love


A couple of weeks ago I had the extreme pleasure of photographing a beautiful family. Three generations to be exact. I have been thinking of how to tell their story in my pictures all day today. 

Once upon a time there was a couple... 

See how beautiful this couple is? They decided that they would spend their life together and start a family. Soon they were blessed with very handsome twin boys... 

These twin boys soon grew up to be handsome young men and soon found some very beautiful woman to start their own lives with.... 

Soon these beautiful couples went on to have families of their own, only growing the love between this couple... 

As their boys started to have their own families, you can see the love grow... 

The love grew stronger with each new addition. 

Oh what joy these precious little ones bring to their family with their unique personalities and traits. 
And to see the love grow between parents and grandparents... 

A girl's first best friend is her mom. I adore these mother/daughter photos. 

The one a girl can go to when she's mad at her mom is her grandmother. Gaga always knows what to say. 

A girls first hero is her daddy... These two are truly the apple of their dad's eye. 

However, Poppy is where its always at. 

A guy's best bud will always be his dad. 

Poppy and Gaga are there to spoil and laugh as boys will be boys. 

The love of the first couple went onto multiply within their son's families.

Cousins are so special and are your first friends. 

And from the love a special couple grew a beautiful legacy of love. 

Many thanks to this beautiful family for a wonderful afternoon and some gorgeous subjects to photograph.

Thank you for looking. 
Kristin :)