Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alli-Class of 2013

This stunning beauty I have had the absolute pleasure of watching grow up. You know the girl next door? Well she was the girl across the street. She moved in when she like 9-10 years old, grew up with my son and such a sweetheart. I still stand by my statement that they are grown beautiful here in California... 

I can't believe she's all grown up. Thanks for looking
Kristin :)

UCLA Graduate- Class of 2013

Can I just tell you that I NOT only adore this girl but I ADORE THIS WHOLE family.

This beauty is graduating from UCLA in May and what a bright beautiful future we have with this educated beauty in it...

Thank you for looking... 
Kristin :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Music Played On

Have you ever had a friend where you were like, "This has to be the coolest person ever?"

I am very fortunate to have one of these friends. Several actually but right now we're going to talk about Xavier.

I find myself to be extremely blessed to know Xavier and to know that he's such a dear friend to me in ways that can't be explained. Without further ado I present to you


Thank you for looking.

Kristin :)