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Photo courtsey of Kat Woodyard
Hi we are Rick and Kristin ,

We live here in the East Bay, and run our photography business together.

Kristin is a mom to three beautiful boys that are now young adults and discovered her passion for photography when they were little. Too many awesome memories to capture. From there she discovered she had a real knack and loved photography.

Rick grew up in California and is quite diversed in his interests in hobbies. Rick has learned he has a good head for business and really loves talking to people.

Rick and Kristin met in 2014 and found they had all sorts of common interests. With Kristin not working in photography she felt like she was missing out on something vital to her living and exisistance. After lots of encouragement from Rick; Kristin decided to reopen her photography business and change the name to KDB1971 PHOTOS.

You will often see both Kristin and Rick at photoshoots. Kristin does all the photography work and Rick does all the assisting. We are a small happy business who love to shoot all sorts of subjects. We shoot everything from large events, family photos, engagement and wedding pictures, maternity pictures and everything else in between.

Please enjoy some of Kristin's older work and check back often as we continually update our website with new and upcoming shoots.

Thank you for choosing us.

Rick and Kristin

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