Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Alviso Adobe part 2

Here are rest of the pictures of this beautiful park we have here in town. Sunday morning Marzi and I went there together with Pocket. She was so enthralled with the lizards and sniffing everything. When we got back from the hike she laid down in the middle of the parking lot and wasn't moving. She finally got carried to the car. 

Be prepared for photo overload. There were so many gorgeous spots to photograph so I did what was only natural I photographed them all. 

I love how dreamlike this looks as you enter the park

Pocket was ready to start the hike... She's too cute I just adore this little pup

A rock formation that has been there for 3,000 years

I don't know what kind of berries or fruit this is but I thought they were cool to photograph

Pocket toward the end of the hike... We wore this little cutie out

Olive Orchard

Thanks for looking. Keep checking back for more pictures... 

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