Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Twelve Year Old Boys...

I don't how I feel about this photo shoot. You see I first met this boy right after he turned 3. And those of you who know me... know that THREE YEARS old is my absolute favorite age. I know call me crazy but it is. I just love that at that age they are coming into their own and they say the funniest thing. So when his mom asked me to do his 12 year old pictures and that he was going in 7th grade I wanted to sit and cry. The boy I remember is the VERY energetic 3 year old boy with more energy then he knows what to do with. Driving his Primary teachers crazy and keeping his mom entertained. Thank you for allowing me to get to see this young man grow up.

Yes the last picture pretty much sums up his crazy, silly, awesome personality. I'm a little partial to this kid but I do just adore him and his whole family. He's great!

Thanks for looking :)

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